American/Canadian Friends Funds: mobiliser vos donateurs aux USA ou au Canada

Civil society organisations in Africa (associations, NGOs, universities, museums, study centres, social enterprises, etc.) that are able to mobilise donors in the USA or Canada can create a Friends Fund at the KBFUS or KBF Canada.

This type of Fund allows you to offer an efficient solution to your transatlantic donors, who will benefit from the best tax advantages. Please note that the FRB does not fundraise, but simplifies the administrative procedures for you to have a philanthropic base in these countries.

Two examples :

  • American Friends of the Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and Rural Development

Based in the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa, attached to Mandela’s alma mater the University of Fort Hare, the NMI was launched to work with rural teachers, children and parents to create sustainable solutions to education serving rural Africa.

  • Canadian Friends of Maternity Africa

Support to make childbirth safe for vulnerable and marginalized women and girls in the Kivulini Maternity Centre in Northern Tanzania, with the full range of maternal healthcare services, and comprehensive family planning.


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