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Who we are |

Based in Brussels, the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) is an independent, pluralistic foundation working to improve society for more than 40 years. We support African actors in their own development activities, with a focus on the DR Congo and Burundi in Central Africa, and on Benin and Senegal in West Africa.

“The Africa I would like to see in the future is one in which my son grows up proud. An Africa that is capable of developing creative and sustainable African solutions to African problems, and taking this message beyond the mantra that currently is.”

Gerald Abila, BarefootLaw

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KBF Africa Prize |

The KBF Africa Prize rewards African organisations which contribute to sustainably improving the lives of people in Africa. The Prize is awarded every other year and seeks to draw public attention to the many inspirational stories, challenges and successes emerging from the African continent.

The selection procedure for the KBF Africa Prize 2023-2024 has been finalised. The next selection procedure will be launched towards the end of 2024.


Her Initiative (2023/2024)

Promote financial independence and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.

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Elman Peace (2020/2021)

Combat violence and promote social justice, empower and cultivate leadership skills among [...]

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Wecyclers, Nigeria (2018/2019)

Leveraging the power of Lagos' communities by redistributing benefits from recycled waste.

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Business Partnership Facility: Enterprises for SDGs

Support for ‘civil society-enterprise’ partnerships engaged in the SDGs in 52 developing countries.

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Elisabeth and Amélie Fund: access to water

Scholarships for students from the South and support for Belgian organisations working in the field of water.

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European Friends Funds

Efficient philanthropic solutions for organizations in Africa who are working in the public interest.

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