European Friends Funds: mobilising your donors in Europe

Civil society organisations in Africa (associations, NGOs, universities, museums, study centres, social enterprises, etc.) that want and are able to mobilise donors and raise funds in Europe can create a European Friends Fund at the KBF.

Thanks to KBF and its 20 partners from the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network, European Friends Funds offer an efficient solution to your donors from several European countries, who will benefit from tax advantages in their respective countries.

Please note that the KBF does not raise funds, but facilitates the administrative procedures.

A few examples:

  • European Friends of Kesho Congo Fund

Kesho Congo undertakes innovative, local and sustainable projects for the populations of South Kivu, DR Congo, fighting child malnutrition, providing education in isolated villages, empowering young people and women in rural areas, and providing medical equipment for hospitals.

  • European Friends of Itot Africa Fund

Itot Africa trains young people in digital skills in order to create and bring back jobs in Africa.

  • European Friends of Maternity Africa Fund

Maternity Africa provides fistula treatment and quality maternity care for marginalized women throughout Tanzania. It does this with professional excellence and regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.


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