RIAPED winner of the 2020 Kochon Award


The Kochon Prize

The Kochon Prize is awarded annually by the Stop TB Partnership to individuals and/or organizations that have made a significant contribution to combating TB. The Kochon Prize, which is endowed by the Kochon Foundation, a non-profit foundation registered in the Republic of Korea, consists of a USD $65,000 award.

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In 2009, nurses working in the fight against leprosy and tuberculosis in the Democratic Republic of Congo created a non-profit association in the capital Kinshasa. This association is called the “Réseau des Infirmiers Amis du Père Damien”, RIAPED asbl in short.

Since 2014, the Eliane Jourdain Fund and the Crawhez Fund for aid to leprosy sufferers – both managed by the King Baudouin Foundation – have been supporting RIAPED’s activities, in particular the care of children with bone tuberculosis (Pott’s disease) and bedridden patients in Kinshasa.

The KBF congratulates RIAPED for this well-deserved award!

Article about RIAPED in Champ de Vision (March 2017) (in French, pp 21-22)


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