Investing for impact in Africa: beyond financial return

In addition to subsidies/grants and technical support, impact investing is a growing business, driven by investors who are not solely concerned about the financial return on their capital, but wish to have a positive impact on society as well.

The King Baudouin Foundation keeps up to date with these innovative trends. In 2016 and in 2018 it carried out a mapping exercise on Belgian impact investors in developing countries. An update will be available at the beginning of 2021.

Summary of the research

As a non-profit foundation, the KBF is also committed to investing for impact, including in Africa. Either through investment vehicles managed by third parties or directly to African social enterprises through loans or bank guarantees, thereby taking a high risk.

Some examples :

  • Kampani : investing in family farming

The KBF is one of the co-founders of this Belgian company that invests in Africa.


  • Industrial district of Mbanza-Ngungu

Partner I&F benefited from a bank guarantee and a loan to build and equip its SME incubation space in Central Kongo, DR Congo.

I&F Entrepreneuriat

  • Pediatric clinic of Mbujimayi

The FRB granted a loan at a very favourable rate to this Congolese clinic so that it could become the owner of its building.


Also read the story ‘Birth of a pediatric clinic in DR Congo


Since 2013, the KBF, via the Carlier Fund, has guaranteed the credit needed for the union of cooperatives at the time of the prefinancing of the coffee campaign.


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